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Essay #6: January 2022

  All Of New York City Is A Stage - A Study on "Next Stop, Greenwich Village (1976)" "I'll tell you something, Robert. Underneath that pose is just more pose. Adios." - Larry Lapinsky (SUPER SPOILER ALERT) Written by Bolivar T. Caceres Reading time approx: 20 minutes Watch Film (free) Published January 15, 2022 Listen to Essay (free) Featured on IMBD Listen to Soundtrack (free) Top 5 Film Like “Next Stop, Greenwich Village”       "Who are you?" "I'm Bernstein."  New York City – chiefly Greenwich Village – is the stage. Some of the players are Larry Lapinsky (Lenny Baker), Faye and Ben Lapinksky (Shelley Winters,) Sara Roth (Ellen Greene,) Anita Cunningham (Lois Smith,) Robert Fulmer (Christopher Walken,) Berstein Chandler (Antonio Fargas), and Clyde Baxtor (Jeff Goldblum.) It is the 1950s. Jazz buzzes throughout the clubs and streets. Art and artists are everywhere. &q
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Essay #5: April 2021

  Unraveling the Porkies!: A Study on Billy Liar (1963) **Super Spoilers** ________ "Today is the day for big decisions."  - Willian "Billy" Fisher                                                                    ________    Table of Contents: 1. Summary 2.     Production History 3.     Dialogue 4. Art Direction 5. Cinematography 6. Editing 7. Conclusion *Reading time approx: 15 minutes *Published April 24, 2021 *Watch the Film *Listen the Essay *Featured on IMDB *Written by Bolivar T. Caceres      *Edited by Mike Gates                              The road to success can be daunting. Broken-down support systems and people's blind cheering can make it hard to share failures. Therefore, white lies  turn black, tarnishing a once-promising path and person. In John Schlesinger’s Billy Liar (1963), Billy Fisher (Tom Courtenay) faces an identity crisis when he covers his compounded lies of being an engaged, rising